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Report on Stocks Trending Up By 50 Days Moving Average For Singapore Stocks

NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysPrice Gain Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
Venture Corporation LtdV03View In Charts22.9124/04/201720511.3649.59More Patterns..
JB Foods LtdBEWView In Charts0.6225/08/20171200.26542.74More Patterns..
International Healthway Corporation Ltd5WAView In Charts0.13909/10/2017900.03625.90More Patterns..
PCI LtdP19View In Charts0.909/10/2017900.22525.00More Patterns..
DBXT FTSE VIETN HD9View In Charts36.2709/10/20179010.3528.54More Patterns..
Ipco International LtdI11View In Charts0.00309/10/2017900.00133.33More Patterns..
Top Glove Corporation BhdBVAView In Charts3.1809/10/2017901.3642.77More Patterns..
AEM Holdings LtdAWXView In Charts5.3509/10/2017902.8052.34More Patterns..
Manufacturing Integration Technology LtdM11View In Charts0.29501/11/2017750.05518.64More Patterns..
InnoTek LtdM14View In Charts0.4101/11/2017750.09523.17More Patterns..
Blumont Group LtdA33View In Charts0.00401/11/2017750.00375.00More Patterns..
DBS Group Holdings LtdD05View In Charts28.2801/11/2017755.2918.71More Patterns..
USP Group LtdBRSView In Charts0.19501/11/2017750.10051.28More Patterns..
JEP Holdings Ltd5FAView In Charts0.06601/11/2017750.03756.06More Patterns..
Infinio Group Ltd5G4View In Charts0.00801/11/2017750.00787.50More Patterns..
Axcelasia Inc42UView In Charts0.0822/11/2017600.01518.75More Patterns..
Santak Holdings Ltd580View In Charts0.1122/11/2017600.0109.09More Patterns..
Southern Packaging Group LtdBQPView In Charts0.8522/11/2017600.19022.35More Patterns..
Innopac Holdings LtdI26View In Charts0.00322/11/2017600.00266.67More Patterns..

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