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Report on Stocks Trending Up By 15 Days Moving Average For Singapore Stocks

NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysPrice Gain Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
Blumont Group LtdA33View In Charts0.00513/11/2017500.00360.00More Patterns..
Tiong Woon Corporation Holding LtdBQMView In Charts0.3711/12/2017300.11029.73More Patterns..
Yongnam Holdings LtdAXBView In Charts0.3518/12/2017250.05014.29More Patterns..
Chiwayland International LtdACWView In Charts0.19526/12/2017200.04121.03More Patterns..
Jiutian Chemical Group LtdC8RView In Charts0.07926/12/2017200.01924.05More Patterns..
Moya Holdings Asia Ltd5WEView In Charts0.09826/12/2017200.01313.27More Patterns..
Ntegrator International Ltd5HCView In Charts0.01526/12/2017200.00213.33More Patterns..
Tat Hong Holdings LimitedT03View In Charts0.48526/12/2017200.0204.12More Patterns..
Micro-Mechanics (Holdings) Ltd5DDView In Charts2.4426/12/2017200.35014.34More Patterns..
Oceanus Group Ltd579View In Charts0.0126/12/2017200.00110.00More Patterns..
Sincap Group Ltd5UNView In Charts0.02126/12/2017200.00419.05More Patterns..
BlackGold Natural Resources Ltd41HView In Charts0.09926/12/2017200.02121.21More Patterns..
Logistics Holdings Ltd5VIView In Charts0.2526/12/2017200.05220.80More Patterns..
ecoWise Holdings Ltd5CTView In Charts0.0526/12/2017200.00918.00More Patterns..
DBXT MSCI CHINA LG9View In Charts21.4526/12/2017202.3611.00More Patterns..
Amplefield LtdAOFView In Charts0.05226/12/2017200.00815.38More Patterns..
Yanlord Land Group LtdZ25View In Charts1.8426/12/2017200.25013.59More Patterns..
Malaysia Smelting Corp BhdNC9View In Charts1.1903/01/2018150.1109.24More Patterns..
Banyan Tree Holdings LtdB58View In Charts0.6403/01/2018150.0558.59More Patterns..
Chuan Hup Holdings LtdC33View In Charts0.3203/01/2018150.0206.25More Patterns..
Artivision Technologies Ltd5NKView In Charts0.01703/01/2018150.0015.88More Patterns..
Nippecraft LtdN32View In Charts0.05503/01/2018150.0047.27More Patterns..
Great Eastern Holdings LtdG07View In Charts30.6403/01/2018151.996.49More Patterns..
Fu Yu Corporation LtdF13View In Charts0.20503/01/2018150.0104.88More Patterns..
CDL Hospitality Real Estate Investment TrustJ85View In Charts1.8203/01/2018150.1307.14More Patterns..
CapitaLand LtdC31View In Charts3.8503/01/2018150.2406.23More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysPrice Gain Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
Halcyon Agri Corporation Ltd5VJView In Charts0.6603/01/2018150.08012.12More Patterns..
Elec & Eltek International Co LtdE16View In Charts1.7103/01/2018150.0704.09More Patterns..
HLH Group LtdH27View In Charts0.00703/01/2018150.0000.000More Patterns..
Sunright LtdS71View In Charts0.90503/01/2018150.0808.84More Patterns..
Koh Brothers Eco Engineering Ltd5HVView In Charts0.0903/01/2018150.0088.89More Patterns..
DBXT MSCI AC AJ IH1View In Charts50.6103/01/2018152.595.12More Patterns..
Hong Leong Asia LtdH22View In Charts1.1703/01/2018150.0504.27More Patterns..
PCI LtdP19View In Charts0.9303/01/2018150.10511.29More Patterns..
Jacks International LtdBACView In Charts0.9803/01/2018150.16016.33More Patterns..
QT Vascular Ltd5I0View In Charts0.01503/01/2018150.0016.67More Patterns..
Sarine Technologies LtdU77View In Charts1.1603/01/2018150.16013.79More Patterns..
CEFC International LtdY35View In Charts0.09503/01/2018150.02021.05More Patterns..
DBXT MSCI PAKI O9DView In Charts1.98403/01/2018150.1477.41More Patterns..
Tat Seng Packaging Group LtdT12View In Charts0.8203/01/2018150.0607.32More Patterns..
DBXT MSCI RUS C J0RView In Charts2.89703/01/2018150.2669.18More Patterns..
DBXT MSCI BRAZ J0OView In Charts5.18103/01/2018150.4879.40More Patterns..
XMH Holdings LtdBQFView In Charts0.2503/01/2018150.0000.000More Patterns..
Lyxor ETF Em Mkts Parts -C USDH1NView In Charts14.0203/01/2018151.279.06More Patterns..
Tianjin Zhong Xin Pharmaceutical Group Corporation LtdT14View In Charts1.0603/01/2018150.0908.49More Patterns..

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