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Strong Downtrend for Mid term TradersStrong Downtrend for long term TradersStrong Downtrend for very long term Traders

Report on Stocks Trending Down By 15 Days Moving Average For Singapore Stocks

NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysLoss Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
AsiaPhos Limited5WVView In Charts0.02222/11/201760-0.08178.64More Patterns.. Holdings Ltd5AMView In Charts0.04220/12/201740-0.02335.38More Patterns..
BRC Asia LtdBECView In Charts1.3628/12/201735-0.29017.58More Patterns..
Great Group Holdings LtdI5HView In Charts0.00805/01/201830-0.00327.27More Patterns..
China Mining International LtdBHDView In Charts0.2805/01/201830-0.20041.67More Patterns..
Sinjia Land Ltd5HHView In Charts0.03205/01/201830-0.02442.86More Patterns..
IEV Holdings Ltd5TNView In Charts0.03512/01/201825-0.01833.96More Patterns..
Hu An Cable Holdings LtdKI3View In Charts0.00512/01/201825-0.00444.44More Patterns..
Luzhou Bio-chem Technology LtdL46View In Charts0.02219/01/201820-0.00312.00More Patterns..
OLS Enterprise LtdADJView In Charts0.00319/01/201820-0.00125.00More Patterns..
Ziwo Holdings LtdI9TView In Charts0.01419/01/201820-0.00526.32More Patterns..
Advanced Holdings LtdBLZView In Charts0.2519/01/201820-0.0259.09More Patterns..
Asiatic Group (Holdings) Ltd5CRView In Charts0.01119/01/201820-0.00215.38More Patterns..
Starland Holdings Ltd5UAView In Charts0.10319/01/201820-0.02016.26More Patterns..
LHN Ltd41OView In Charts0.19119/01/201820-0.05422.04More Patterns..
China Jinjiang Shs USDBWMView In Charts0.49519/01/201820-0.18026.67More Patterns..
Kencana Agri ltdBNEView In Charts0.2726/01/201815-0.03010.00More Patterns..
KOP Ltd5I1View In Charts0.08526/01/201815-0.0033.41More Patterns..
Centurion Corporation LtdOU8View In Charts0.51526/01/201815-0.0203.74More Patterns..
Samudera Shipping Line LtdS56View In Charts0.2226/01/201815-0.0156.38More Patterns..
Moneymax Financial Services Ltd5WJView In Charts0.17526/01/201815-0.0105.41More Patterns..
AVJennings LtdA05View In Charts0.66526/01/201815-0.0559.02More Patterns..
United Overseas Insurance LtdU13View In Charts7.226/01/201815-0.4305.64More Patterns..
Alpha Energy Holdings Ltd5TSView In Charts0.0426/01/201815-0.01020.00More Patterns..
Soon Lian Holdings Ltd5MDView In Charts0.07726/01/201815-0.0078.33More Patterns..
MS Holdings Ltd40UView In Charts0.09226/01/201815-0.02219.30More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysLoss Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
Asia Fashion Holdings LtdBQIView In Charts0.08726/01/201815-0.01514.71More Patterns..
Healthway Medical Corp Ltd5NGView In Charts0.05126/01/201815-0.0047.27More Patterns..
PS Group Holdings Ltd5WDView In Charts0.08926/01/201815-0.01111.00More Patterns..
Suntec Real Estate Investment TrustT82UView In Charts1.9426/01/201815-0.1808.49More Patterns..
Pan Hong Property Group LtdP36View In Charts0.30526/01/201815-0.0206.15More Patterns..
CapitaCommercial TrustC61UView In Charts1.7426/01/201815-0.1809.37More Patterns..
Adventus Holdings Ltd5EFView In Charts0.00826/01/201815-0.0000.000More Patterns..
mm2 Asia Ltd1B0View In Charts0.4726/01/201815-0.0509.62More Patterns..
Sinarmas Land LtdA26View In Charts0.3526/01/201815-0.04511.39More Patterns..
Sitra Holdings (International) Ltd5LEView In Charts0.01226/01/201815-0.0017.69More Patterns..
Brook Crompton Holdings LtdAWCView In Charts0.65526/01/201815-0.0456.43More Patterns..
Datapulse Technology LtdBKWView In Charts0.31526/01/201815-0.03510.00More Patterns..
MYP LtdF86View In Charts0.12326/01/201815-0.01611.51More Patterns..
Compact Metal Industries LtdT4EView In Charts0.03726/01/201815-0.00511.90More Patterns..
Sapphire Corporation LtdBRDView In Charts0.21526/01/201815-0.04015.69More Patterns..
Hiap Tong Corporation Ltd5POView In Charts0.10526/01/201815-0.0108.70More Patterns..
CSC Holdings LtdC06View In Charts0.02526/01/201815-0.00413.79More Patterns..
Procurri Corporation LtdBVQView In Charts0.18326/01/201815-0.02712.86More Patterns..
Samko Timber LtdE6RView In Charts0.02326/01/201815-0.00311.54More Patterns..
Blumont Group LtdA33View In Charts0.00426/01/201815-0.00120.00More Patterns..
Chinese Global Investors Group Ltd5CJView In Charts0.00926/01/201815-0.00218.18More Patterns..
Net Pacific Financial Holdings Ltd5QYView In Charts0.03926/01/201815-0.00817.02More Patterns..
GKE Corporation Ltd595View In Charts0.08526/01/201815-0.01515.00More Patterns..
Ramba Energy LtdR14View In Charts0.07526/01/201815-0.01011.76More Patterns..
Azeus Systems Holdings LtdBBWView In Charts0.3426/01/201815-0.08019.05More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysLoss Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
Hyflux Ltd600View In Charts0.30526/01/201815-0.08020.78More Patterns..
Yoma Strategic Holdings LtdZ59View In Charts0.4226/01/201815-0.10520.00More Patterns..
Charisma Energy Services Ltd5QTView In Charts0.00426/01/201815-0.00120.00More Patterns..
STAR Pharmaceutical LtdAYLView In Charts0.226/01/201815-0.07025.93More Patterns..


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