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Technical Analysis & Recent chart patterns of stock starting with R

NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
Raffles Education Corporation LtdNR7Recent Patterns..Publishing_Periodicals0.250.1890.4696318.0
Raffles Medical Group LtdR01Recent Patterns..DrugRelatedProducts0.04.594.630.0
Raffles Medical Group LtdBSLRecent Patterns..DrugRelatedProducts1.091.0251.4851767850.0
Raffles United Holdings LtdK22Recent Patterns..IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.260.1380.2668.0
Ramba Energy LtdR14Recent Patterns..Trucking0.0750.0720.1636968.0
Regal International Group LtdUV1Recent Patterns..InvestmentBrokerage_National0.1480.0730.1536400.0
Religare Health TrustRF1URecent Patterns..HealthCarePlans0.820.70.9852446780.0
Renewable Energy Asia Group Ltd5DWRecent Patterns..IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.0220.0220.0220.0
Resources Prima Group Ltd5MMRecent Patterns..SteelAndIron0.0260.0240.040.0
Rex International Holding Ltd5WHRecent Patterns..MajorIntegratedOilAndGas0.0550.0440.0771.23904E7
RH Petrogas LtdT13Recent Patterns..Appliances0.0980.050.135212400.0
Rickmers MaritimeB1ZURecent Patterns..InvestmentBrokerage_National0.00.0250.0270.0
Riverstone Holdings LtdAP4Recent Patterns..RubberAndPlastics1.060.831.19275318.0
Rotary Engineering LtdR07Recent Patterns..Appliances0.460.3350.46111345.0
Rowsley LtdA50Recent Patterns..InformationTechnologyServices0.1140.0650.1984.04879E7
Roxy-Pacific Holdings LtdE8ZRecent Patterns..RealEstateDevelopment0.560.460.6349990.0
Ryobi Kiso Holdings LtdBDNRecent Patterns..GeneralBuildingMaterials0.220.1610.227977.0

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