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3 Day Above 13 day EMA3 Day Below 13 day EMA5 Day Above 20 day EMA
13 Day Above 34 day EMA13 Day Below 34 day EMA15 Day Abv 50 DayEMA
15 Day below 50 Day EMA20 Day Above 50 day EMA20 Day Below 50 day EMA
15 Day Above 100 day EMA15 Day Below 100 day EMA50 Day Above 100 Day EMA
50 Day Below 100 Day EMA50 Day Above 200 Day EMA50 Day Below 200 Day EMA

Screening of 5 days EMA crossing below 20 day EMA in Singapore Stock Exchange

NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
China Jishan Holdings LtdJ18View In ChartsApparelStores0.14511926-Dec-17
Smartflex Holdings Ltd5REView In ChartsSemiconductor_BroadLine0.2211827-Dec-17
Nico Steel Holdings Ltd5GFView In ChartsSteelAndIron0.0031712-Jan-18
Aims Property Securities FundA0PView In ChartsRealEstateDevelopment1.741516-Jan-18
LHN Ltd41OView In ChartsRealEstateDevelopment0.23513305-Dec-17
Aims Property Securities FundBVPView In ChartsRealEstateDevelopment1.741516-Jan-18
mm2 Asia Ltd1B0View In ChartsTelecomServices_Domestic0.5311304-Jan-18
800 Super Holdings Ltd5TGView In ChartsWasteManagement1.1911403-Jan-18
Leader Environmental Technologies LtdLS9View In ChartsWasteManagement0.0261516-Jan-18
Vibrant Group LtdBIPView In ChartsTrucking0.3751712-Jan-18
Singapore Press Holdings LtdT39View In ChartsPublishing_Periodicals2.681516-Jan-18
Thakral Corporation LtdAWIView In ChartsInvestmentBrokerage_National0.521910-Jan-18
Bund Center Investment LtdBTEView In ChartsInvestmentBrokerage_National0.751811-Jan-18
SHS Holdings Ltd566View In ChartsPersonalServices0.21511629-Dec-17
GS Holdings Ltd43AView In ChartsPersonalServices0.2312614-Dec-17
Hanwell Holdings LtdDM0View In ChartsDepartmentStores0.31511502-Jan-18
Loyz Energy Ltd594View In ChartsGeneralBuildingMaterials0.0091219-Jan-18
Pollux Properties Ltd5AEView In ChartsGeneralBuildingMaterials0.0361417-Jan-18
Compact Metal Industries LtdT4EView In ChartsGeneralBuildingMaterials0.0421219-Jan-18
Asiatic Group (Holdings) Ltd5CRView In ChartsIndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.01212418-Dec-17
Libra Group Ltd5TRView In ChartsAppliances0.1371811-Jan-18
Serial System LtdS69View In ChartsAppliances0.1641219-Jan-18
CitySpring Infrastructure TrustA7RUView In ChartsWaterUtilities0.581219-Jan-18
Pavillon Holdings Ltd596View In ChartsBeverages_SoftDrinks0.04612812-Dec-17
San Teh LtdS46View In ChartsRubberAndPlastics0.2051516-Jan-18
GKE Corporation Ltd595View In ChartsSteelAndIron0.10122120-Dec-17
NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
Sin Ghee Huat Corporation LtdB7KView In ChartsSteelAndIron0.221008-Jan-18
Vard Holdings LtdMS7View In ChartsTrucking0.252416-Jan-18
AVIC International Maritime Holdings LtdO2IView In ChartsInvestmentBrokerage_National0.1052810-Jan-18
United Engineers LtdU04View In ChartsInvestmentBrokerage_National2.6222415-Dec-17
OLS Enterprise LtdADJView In ChartsPersonalServices0.00421922-Dec-17
Medtecs International Corporation Ltd546View In ChartsDrugRelatedProducts0.0482218-Jan-18
Q & M Dental Group (Singapore) LtdQC7View In ChartsDrugRelatedProducts0.63521105-Jan-18
KLW Holdings Ltd504View In ChartsGeneralBuildingMaterials0.0082612-Jan-18
Seroja Investments LtdIW5View In ChartsGeneralBuildingMaterials0.0452711-Jan-18
Soilbuild Construction Group LtdS7PView In ChartsGeneralBuildingMaterials0.16821402-Jan-18
Hiap Tong Corporation Ltd5POView In ChartsIndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.1182810-Jan-18
GRP LtdBLUView In ChartsIndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.19821727-Dec-17
Tye Soon LtdBFUView In ChartsIndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.2552416-Jan-18
Sin Heng Heavy Machinery LtdBKAView In ChartsIndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.4621628-Dec-17
Sinarmas Land LtdA26View In ChartsMeatProducts0.3852218-Jan-18
WE Holdings Ltd5RJView In ChartsSemiconductor_BroadLine0.00631005-Jan-18
Global Invacom Group LtdQS9View In ChartsSemiconductor_BroadLine0.1353710-Jan-18
T T J Holdings LtdK1QView In ChartsSteelAndIron0.32531005-Jan-18
Boustead Projects LtdAVMView In ChartsRealEstateDevelopment0.893908-Jan-18
Cogent Holdings LtdKJ9View In ChartsTrucking1.0139108-Sep-17
Samudera Shipping Line LtdS56View In ChartsTrucking0.2331528-Dec-17
Soo Kee Group Ltd42GView In ChartsGold0.1453415-Jan-18
LHT Holdings LtdBEIView In ChartsLumber_WoodProduction0.643611-Jan-18
Chinese Global Investors Group Ltd5CJView In ChartsGeneralBuildingMaterials0.01131302-Jan-18
Centurion Corporation LtdOU8View In ChartsAppliances0.5453908-Jan-18
NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
Luzhou Bio-chem Technology LtdL46View In ChartsBeverages_SoftDrinks0.02532414-Dec-17
Sri Trang Agro-Industry Public Co LtdNC2View In ChartsRubberAndPlastics0.5133301-Dec-17
Jackspeed Corporation LtdJ17View In ChartsApparelStores0.1854511-Jan-18
Trek 2000 International Ltd5ABView In ChartsInformationTechnologyServices0.274709-Jan-18
Sapphire Corporation LtdBRDView In ChartsSteelAndIron0.26541004-Jan-18
CapitaCommercial TrustC61UView In ChartsRealEstateDevelopment1.9145925-Oct-17
Hengxin Technology LtdI85View In ChartsTelecomServices_Domestic0.3343330-Nov-17
Thai Beverage Public Co LtdY92View In ChartsTobaccoProducts_Other0.9254315-Jan-18
Hutchison Port Holdings TrustNS8UView In ChartsTrucking0.40541428-Dec-17
Gallant Venture Ltd5IGView In ChartsInvestmentBrokerage_National0.13141202-Jan-18
First Resources LtdEB5View In ChartsInvestmentBrokerage_National1.884216-Jan-18
Hong Leong Finance LtdS41View In ChartsInvestmentBrokerage_National2.7141722-Dec-17
Regal International Group LtdUV1View In ChartsInvestmentBrokerage_National0.1342611-Dec-17
Sitra Holdings (International) Ltd5LEView In ChartsLumber_WoodProduction0.0144610-Jan-18
Acma LtdAYVView In ChartsPersonalServices0.341329-Dec-17
Tiong Seng Holdings LtdBFIView In ChartsGeneralBuildingMaterials0.3854412-Jan-18
Tritech Group Ltd5G9View In ChartsIndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.0534315-Jan-18
Rotary Engineering LtdR07View In ChartsAppliances0.45542413-Dec-17
Qian Hu Corporation LtdBCVView In ChartsMeatProducts0.1874905-Jan-18
Ziwo Holdings LtdI9TView In ChartsRubberAndPlastics0.01742314-Dec-17

(All analysis is based on End of Trade day's Value. Expected time of update is between 5 to 5.30 PM exchange time Zone) Market Data

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