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3 Day Above 13 day EMA3 Day Below 13 day EMA5 Day Below 20 day EMA
13 Day Above 34 day EMA13 Day Below 34 day EMA15 Day Abv 50 DayEMA
15 Day below 50 Day EMA20 Day Above 50 day EMA20 Day Below 50 day EMA
15 Day Above 100 day EMA15 Day Below 100 day EMA50 Day Above 100 Day EMA
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Screening of 5 days EMA crossing above 20 day EMA in Singapore Stock Exchange

NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
Fuxing China Group LtdAWKView In ChartsApparelStores0.81508-Feb-18
Sing Investments & Finance LtdS35View In ChartsMoneyCenterBanks1.61805-Feb-18
mDR LtdA27View In ChartsInformationTechnologyServices0.0041805-Feb-18
Lee Metal Group Ltd593View In ChartsSteelAndIron0.4051607-Feb-18
NSL LtdN02View In ChartsSteelAndIron1.391706-Feb-18
Low Keng Huat Singapore LtdF1EView In ChartsRealEstateDevelopment0.71409-Feb-18
Singapore Airlines LtdC6LView In ChartsTrucking11.381607-Feb-18
JEP Holdings Ltd5FAView In ChartsGold0.06615005-Dec-17
ZICO Holdings Inc40WView In ChartsInvestmentBrokerage_National0.24519826-Sep-17
Dynamic Colours LtdD6UView In ChartsInvestmentBrokerage_National0.28511329-Jan-18
Combine Will International Holdings LtdN0ZView In ChartsInvestmentBrokerage_National0.9511131-Jan-18
Thakral Corporation LtdAWIView In ChartsInvestmentBrokerage_National0.5551805-Feb-18
SPDR Gold Trust Shs ETFO87View In ChartsInvestmentBrokerage_National128.411508-Feb-18
Bund Center Investment LtdBTEView In ChartsInvestmentBrokerage_National0.7611723-Jan-18
Dairy Farm International Holdings Ltd (Bermudas)D01View In ChartsDepartmentStores8.381409-Feb-18
Progen Holdings Ltd583View In ChartsGeneralBuildingMaterials0.0681706-Feb-18
HWA Hong Corporation LtdH19View In ChartsGeneralBuildingMaterials0.3251409-Feb-18
Wong Fong Industries Ltd1A1View In ChartsGeneralBuildingMaterials0.2112709-Jan-18
Heatec Jietong Holdings Ltd5ORView In ChartsIndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.06317925-Oct-17
Haw Par Corporation LtdH02View In ChartsIndustrialEquipmentAndComponents12.121706-Feb-18
Hi-P International LtdH17View In ChartsIndustrialEquipmentAndComponents2.01607-Feb-18
Delong Holdings LtdBQOView In ChartsIndustrialEquipmentAndComponents3.591312-Feb-18
International Healthway Corporation Ltd5WAView In ChartsHealthCarePlans0.1391706-Feb-18
Casa Holdings LtdC04View In ChartsAppliances0.06511329-Jan-18
Sakae Holdings Ltd5DOView In ChartsBeverages_SoftDrinks0.2514118-Dec-17
Mewah International IncMV4View In ChartsBeverages_SoftDrinks0.31706-Feb-18
NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
United Food Holdings LtdAZRView In ChartsBeverages_SoftDrinks0.3512905-Jan-18
Envictus International Holdings LtdBQDView In ChartsBeverages_SoftDrinks0.41805-Feb-18
Qian Hu Corporation LtdBCVView In ChartsMeatProducts0.212018-Jan-18
Great Eastern Holdings LtdG07View In ChartsPropertyAndCasualtyInsurance30.31706-Feb-18
Artivision Technologies Ltd5NKView In ChartsInformationTechnologyServices0.0172901-Feb-18
Smartflex Holdings Ltd5REView In ChartsSemiconductor_BroadLine0.2421623-Jan-18
Choo Chiang Holdings Ltd42EView In ChartsSemiconductor_BroadLine0.31217701-Jun-17
AnnAik LtdA52View In ChartsSteelAndIron0.1221130-Jan-18
China Yuanbang Property Holdings LtdBCDView In ChartsRealEstateDevelopment0.222802-Feb-18
Global Tech (Holdings) LtdG11View In ChartsInvestmentBrokerage_National0.0482408-Feb-18
Magnus Energy Group Ltd41SView In ChartsPersonalServices0.0022507-Feb-18
Parkson retail Asia LtdO9EView In ChartsDepartmentStores0.0752606-Feb-18
Transcorp Holdings LtdT19View In ChartsDepartmentStores0.032408-Feb-18
AEI Corporation LtdAWGView In ChartsIndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.92522411-Jan-18
Eucon Holding LtdE27View In ChartsIndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.042507-Feb-18
Excelpoint Technology LtdBDFView In ChartsAppliances0.721326-Jan-18
WE Holdings Ltd5RJView In ChartsSemiconductor_BroadLine0.0073702-Feb-18
GP Industries LtdG20View In ChartsSemiconductor_BroadLine0.7531129-Jan-18
United Overseas Australia LtdEH5View In ChartsRealEstateDevelopment0.6833002-Jan-18
Pacific Century Regional Developments LtdP15View In ChartsTelecomServices_Domestic0.43801-Feb-18
Leader Environmental Technologies LtdLS9View In ChartsWasteManagement0.0383308-Feb-18
China International Holdings LtdBEHView In ChartsTrucking0.53605-Feb-18
Lasseters International Holdings Ltd5ELView In ChartsPersonalServices0.04636906-Nov-17
Metal Component Engineering Ltd5DXView In ChartsIndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.0383605-Feb-18
KTL Global LtdEB7View In ChartsIndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.0353209-Feb-18
NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
Cortina Holdings LtdC41View In ChartsApparelStores0.80543326-Dec-17
Vicom LimitedV01View In ChartsTrucking6.04307-Feb-18
Kingsmen Creatives Ltd5MZView In ChartsPublishing_Periodicals0.6254307-Feb-18
Karin Technology Holdings LtdK29View In ChartsInvestmentBrokerage_National0.3454307-Feb-18
Lion Asiapac LtdBAZView In ChartsInvestmentBrokerage_National0.534831-Jan-18
Challenger Technologies Ltd573View In ChartsDepartmentStores0.4654208-Feb-18
First Sponsor Group LtdADNView In ChartsGeneralBuildingMaterials1.474406-Feb-18
LTC Corporation LtdL17View In ChartsGeneralBuildingMaterials0.9154505-Feb-18
Shanghai Turbo Enterprises LtdAWMView In ChartsIndustrialEquipmentAndComponents1.6142310-Jan-18
Sin Heng Heavy Machinery LtdBKAView In ChartsIndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.514602-Feb-18
TMC Education Corporation Ltd586View In ChartsHealthCarePlans0.0984208-Feb-18
Top Global LtdBHOView In ChartsAppliances0.264307-Feb-18
Multi-Chem LtdAWZView In ChartsAppliances0.964406-Feb-18
ABR Holdings Ltd533View In ChartsBeverages_SoftDrinks0.8254208-Feb-18
YHI International LtdBPFView In ChartsRubberAndPlastics0.43542211-Jan-18


(All analysis is based on End of Trade day's Value. Expected time of update is between 5 to 5.30 PM exchange time Zone) Market Data

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