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Monthly Bullish Candlestick PatternWeekly Bearish Candlestick PatternMonthly Bearish Candlestick Pattern
One Day Candlestick PatternOne Candle Weekly Candlestick Pattern 

One Period candlestick chart Patterns on Monthly Chart - Singapore Stocks

Monthly Morning Doji Star

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns

Monthly Hammer

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
ISEC Healthcare Ltd / 40T 0.32523-Jan-18Other Patterns
Figtree Holdings Ltd / 5F4 0.17923-Jan-18Other Patterns
Teho International Inc Ltd / 5OQ 0.05523-Jan-18Other Patterns
Goodland Group Ltd / 5PC 0.25523-Jan-18Other Patterns
China Haida Ltd / C92 0.02423-Jan-18Other Patterns

Monthly Hammer At Downtrend

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
Yongmao Holdings Ltd / BKX 0.51523-Jan-18Other Patterns
Abterra Ltd / L5I 0.0823-Jan-18Other Patterns
Epicentre Holdings Ltd / 5MQ 0.07329-Dec-17Other Patterns
Civmec Ltd / P9D 0.5629-Dec-17Other Patterns
CEFC International Ltd / Y35 0.09529-Dec-17Other Patterns

Monthly Hanging Man at Uptrend

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
Khong Guan Flour Milling Ltd / K03 2.1223-Jan-18Other Patterns
Eastgate Technology Ltd / N0L 0.023-Jan-18Other Patterns
AEM Holdings Ltd / AWX 4.1629-Dec-17Other Patterns
Keppel DC REIT / AJBU 1.4629-Dec-17Other Patterns
Jiutian Chemical Group Ltd / C8R 0.07929-Dec-17Other Patterns

Monthly Inverted Hammer Formation

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
Hiap Tong Corporation Ltd / 5PO 0.11823-Jan-18Other Patterns
Chew's Group Ltd / 5SY 0.4923-Jan-18Other Patterns
AVIC International Maritime Hold / O2I 0.10523-Jan-18Other Patterns
DBXT MSCI KOREA / IH2 83.3423-Jan-18Other Patterns
DBXT MSCI INDO / KJ7 17.4123-Jan-18Other Patterns

Monthly Inverted Hammer at Downtrend

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
Zhongxin Fruit and Juice Ltd / 5EG 0.01123-Jan-18Other Patterns
SIIC Environment Holdings Ltd / 5GB 0.023-Jan-18Other Patterns
LH Group Ltd / BKB 0.023-Jan-18Other Patterns
China Gaoxian Fibre Fabric Holdi / AZZ 0.04623-Jan-18Other Patterns
Alibaba Pictures Group Ltd / S91 1.1423-Jan-18Other Patterns

Monthly Bullish MaruBozu

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
MS Holdings Ltd / 40U 0.11423-Jan-18Other Patterns
Equation Summit Ltd / 532 0.01623-Jan-18Other Patterns
Tung Lok Restaurants (2000) Ltd / 540 0.2223-Jan-18Other Patterns
Noel Gifts International Ltd / 543 0.24523-Jan-18Other Patterns
Baker Technology Ltd / 568 0.023-Jan-18Other Patterns

Monthly Bearish MaruBozu

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
Terratech Group Ltd / 40I 0.023-Jan-18Other Patterns
SHS Holdings Ltd / 566 0.21523-Jan-18Other Patterns
MFS Technology Ltd / 5BM 0.00623-Jan-18Other Patterns
Asiatic Group (Holdings) Ltd / 5CR 0.01223-Jan-18Other Patterns
Asiasons Capital Ltd / 5ET 0.00223-Jan-18Other Patterns

Monthly Bearish DragonFly Doji

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
Armarda Group Ltd / 5EK 0.00223-Jan-18Other Patterns
Starland Holdings Ltd / 5UA 0.12323-Jan-18Other Patterns
Xyec Holdings Co. / 5WR 0.023-Jan-18Other Patterns
mDR Ltd / A27 0.00423-Jan-18Other Patterns
Next-Generation Satellite Commun / B07 0.00223-Jan-18Other Patterns

Monthly Bullish GraveStone Doji

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
Innovalues Ltd / 591 0.023-Jan-18Other Patterns
Ezra Holdings Ltd / 5DN 0.01123-Jan-18Other Patterns
Nico Steel Holdings Ltd / 5GF 0.00323-Jan-18Other Patterns
Albedo Ltd / 5IB 0.00123-Jan-18Other Patterns
Memstar Technology Ltd / 5MS 0.00123-Jan-18Other Patterns

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