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Bullish Harami Formation Bullish Piercing Formation Three White Soldiers
Three Outside UpThree Inside UpMorning Star
Abandoned Baby BullishBullish GapUp Formation 

Report on Singapore Stocks with Bullish Engulfing Formation

NameSymbolCurrent PricePattern DateIn UptrendDown TrendVolume JumpVolume Fall
Far East Orchard LtdO101.4914/02/2018falsetruetruefalse
Pacific Radiance LtdT8V0.11814/02/2018falsetruefalsetrue
DBXT MSCI PHIL N2E2.02514/02/2018falsetruefalsetrue
Fortune Real Estate Investment TrustF25U9.3913/02/2018falsetruefalsetrue
HupSteel LtdBMH0.8813/02/2018falsetruefalsetrue
DBXT MSCI TAIW HD729.2613/02/2018falsetruetruefalse
TEE Land LtdS9B0.19112/02/2018falsetruefalsetrue
DBXT FTSE C50 HD842.612/02/2018falsetruetruefalse
StarHub LtdCC32.5709/02/2018falsetruefalsefalse
Vicom LimitedV016.009/02/2018falsetruetruefalse
Sunpower Group Ltd5GD0.55508/02/2018falsetruefalsetrue
DBXT MSCI INDIA LG812.4908/02/2018falsetruefalsetrue
Penguin International LtdBTM0.3408/02/2018falsetruefalsetrue
Matex International LtdM150.02107/02/2018truetruetruefalse
Serial System LtdS690.16707/02/2018falsefalsetruefalse
Tan Chong International LtdT152.607/02/2018truetruetruefalse
DBXT MSCI PHIL N2E2.02506/02/2018falsetruetruefalse
DBXT MSCI BANGL O9C1.20706/02/2018falsetruetruefalse
DBXT MSCI PAKI O9D1.91306/02/2018falsetruetruefalse
Trek 2000 International Ltd5AB0.2505/02/2018falsetruefalsetrue
Dairy Farm International Holdings Ltd (Bermudas)D018.3805/02/2018falsetruefalsetrue
VGO Corporation LtdPH00.16805/02/2018falsetruefalsetrue
Raffles Medical Group LtdBSL1.0905/02/2018falsetruetruefalse
Fortune Real Estate Investment TrustF25U9.3902/02/2018falsetruefalsetrue
Ossia International LtdO080.07302/02/2018truefalsefalsetrue
Hiap Seng Engineering Ltd5100.13101/02/2018falsetruetruefalse
NameSymbolCurrent PricePattern DateIn UptrendDown TrendVolume JumpVolume Fall
Singapore Airlines LtdC6L11.3801/02/2018truefalsefalsefalse
Jardine Strategic Holdings Ltd (Bermudas)J3738.3301/02/2018falsetruetruefalse


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