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Bearish candlestick chart Patterns on Monthly Chart - Singapore Stocks

Monthly Bearish Engulfing

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
IEV Holdings Ltd / 5TN 0.05223-Jan-18Other Patterns
Ziwo Holdings Ltd / I9T 0.01723-Jan-18Other Patterns
Hyflux Ltd / N2H 92.023-Jan-18Other Patterns
Weiye Holdings Ltd / BMA 0.41523-Jan-18Other Patterns
Pan-United Corporation Ltd / P52 0.41523-Jan-18Other Patterns

Monthly Bearish Harami

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
ABR Holdings Ltd / 533 0.80523-Jan-18Other Patterns
CSE Global Ltd / 544 0.3623-Jan-18Other Patterns
Medtecs International Corporatio / 546 0.04823-Jan-18Other Patterns
SHS Holdings Ltd / 566 0.21523-Jan-18Other Patterns
Soup Restaurant Group Ltd / 5KI 0.1523-Jan-18Other Patterns

Monthly Three Dark Crows

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
Terratech Group Ltd / 40I 0.023-Jan-18Other Patterns
Transit-Mixed Concrete Ltd / 570 0.4523-Jan-18Other Patterns
Pollux Properties Ltd / 5AE 0.03623-Jan-18Other Patterns
MFS Technology Ltd / 5BM 0.00623-Jan-18Other Patterns
Asiasons Capital Ltd / 5ET 0.00223-Jan-18Other Patterns

Monthly Evening Star

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns

Monthly Bearish GapDown

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date Other Patterns
Alpha Energy Holdings Ltd / 5TS 0.0531-Oct-17Other Patterns
DBXT S&P 500 ID / HD6 14.5231-Oct-17Other Patterns
3Cnergy Ltd / 502 0.04429-Sep-17Other Patterns
China Great Land Holdings Ltd / D50 0.01629-Sep-17Other Patterns
Informatics Education Ltd / BOU 0.09529-Sep-17Other Patterns

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