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Stocks Nearing SupportStocks Nearing ResistanceStock Broke Support
Crossed Above Central LineCrossed Below Central LineNarrowing Bollinger Band
Break Out of Narrow RangeStocks Nearing Weekly SupportStocks Nearing Weekly Resistance
Stock Broke Weekly ResistanceStock Broke Weekly SupportCrossed Above Weekly Central Line
Crossed Below Weekly Central LineNarrowing Weekly Bollinger BandWeekly Break Out of Narrow Range
Stocks Nearing Monthly SupportStocks Nearing ResistanceStock Broke Monthly Resistance
Stock Broke Monthly SupportCrossed Above Monthly Central LineCrossed Below Monthly Central Line
Narrowing Monthly Bollinger BandMonthly Break Out of Narrow Range 

Technical Analysis - Breakout By Bollinger Bands Resistance- Singapore Stocks

NameSymbolCurrent PriceLower BandUpper BandMiddle BandAbove Upper Band for daysView In ChartOther Recent Patterns
WE Holdings Ltd5RJ0.0070.00.005950.006944991.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Goodland Group Ltd5PC0.30.00.265750.2888311.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Leader Environmental Technologies LtdLS90.0380.00.03080.03774551.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Aspial Corporation LtdA300.260.00.24450.2554091.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Dynamic Colours LtdD6U0.2850.00.248750.275561.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Progen Holdings Ltd5830.0680.00.05540.06673841.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Heatec Jietong Holdings Ltd5OR0.0630.00.061550.0627291.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Sakae Holdings Ltd5DO0.250.00.21280.2367551.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Chaswood Resources Holdings Ltd5TW0.020.00.01550.01921482.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Choo Chiang Holdings Ltd42E0.310.00.2560.2922.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
China Yuanbang Property Holdings LtdBCD0.220.00.18550.2186812.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Challenger Technologies Ltd5730.4650.00.44250.4631162.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
AEI Corporation LtdAWG0.9251.00.900250.9201182.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
KTL Global LtdEB70.0350.00.030350.03431362.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Excelpoint Technology LtdBDF0.71.00.64350.6788692.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
DBS Group Holdings LtdD0528.2825.026.73528.09243.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
China Sunsine Chemical Holdings LtdCH81.241.01.13951.239593.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Cortina Holdings LtdC410.8051.00.7850.8054.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
SBS Transit LtdS612.632.02.5452.619164.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Vicom LimitedV016.06.05.8555.979824.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
LTC Corporation LtdL170.9150.00.697250.9142174.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Multi-Chem LtdAWZ0.961.00.874750.9584444.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..


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